Frozen poultry products:
the meat you want,
the way you want it,
when you want it

What do the Belgian poultry suppliers offer? Discover the entire assortment for frozen poultry products. And then find out which poultry supplier meets your needs.

Carcasses or parts, the Belgian poultry suppliers cut and pack the product to your liking. Fully customized, so you can use the poultry products right away in your markets.

  • + Breast Fillet Breast Fillet Breast Fillet
  • + Inner Fillet Inner Fillet Inner Fillet
  • + Paw Paw Paw
  • + Feet Feet Feet
  • + Drumstick Drumstick Drumstick
  • + Thigh Thigh Thigh
  • + Saddle Saddle Saddle
  • + Prime Wing and Mid Wing Prime Wing and Mid Wing Prime Wing and Mid Wing

Processed poultry
In addition to the different parts and cuts, the Belgian poultry suppliers also offer processed poultry products, proportioned for food service:

1. charcuterie
2. breaded
3. culinary products

Turkey products

Belgium is home to the only turkey slaughterhouse in the region. Frozen turkey products include parts, charcuterie, breaded and culinary products.

Halal poultry

All Belgian poultry suppliers are certified by the Halal Food Council of Europe (HFCE). The halal poultry produced in Belgium thus meets the production and processing requirements imposed by this leading authority.