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Chicken breast, fillet, wing, drumstick or whole chicken: you can have Belgian poultry products completely cut to your liking, including halal poultry. They all meet the strictest quality standards, obviously. Brought to you freshly frozen.

  • Back
  • Breast fillet
  • Chicken
  • Drumstick
  • Foot
  • Leg quarter
  • Thigh
  • Wing
  • Wing

Compliant with your local regulations

Do Belgian/European standards comply with your local regulations? Certainly! All our products are covered by the following CN codes:

  • 020714
    Frozen chicken parts and offal
  • 020712
    Frozen whole chickens
  • 16023119 / 16023219
    Prepared and preserved chicken and turkey

Quick responses, familiar contacts

Belgian poultry suppliers they live their business, so they make every effort to answer your needs with the best solutions, service and products. All as true experts, obviously, since their skills are passed on from generation to generation.